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Request to Prime Minister – Boris

Dear Prime Minister, I am sure that most of us are pleased that you managed to survive the Covid-19 virus, with the unquestioned help of our NHS.

Perhaps you will now realise just how vital all the people who work in this great institution are. Along with the undoubted fact that they should be paid a whole lot more.

Perhaps on reflection you and your Government will also come to realise that we really should try and right some of the wrongs of the past 40 or so years.

Can I suggest that we begin with bringing back our once great manufacturing industry, an industry that was deliberately destroyed by many of your predecessors both Tory and Labour.

As it was said in the Guardian newspaper a while ago (I do not subscribe but they make a very good point on this one) its something I have wondered about for as many years. Yes I know we sold most of our expertise off for short term gain to be enjoyed by a few but can we not get back to basics, and start to make products once more.

You could perhaps use some or all of the dirty money that London is awashwith.

Why doesn't Britain make things any more?

In the past 30 years, the UK's manufacturing sector has shrunk by two-thirds, the greatest de-industrialisation of any major nation. It was done in the name of economic modernisation – but what has replaced it?

When we used to built ships and make cars from a Guardian picture.

Britain has been undergoing one of the biggest industrial declines seen in postwar western Europe. When Thatcher came to power, manufacturing accounted for almost 30% of Britain's national income and employed 6.8 million people. By the time Brown left Downing Street, it was down to just over 11% of the economy, with a workforce of 2.5 million.

It has not got any better since then with your Tory Government pushing austerity for all these years to what end is my question?

If this pandemic has shown anything it has shown that this country of ours is in no fit state to deal with emergencies that will happen, be that Conflict or Health.

We don’t have the manufacturing base to deal with any type of emergency nowadays, lets get back to making things, things and products that we can all use and perhaps even sell by export to other countries. Employ and train people to do this rather than feed the greed in London and the so called Home Counties.

Once we start to build a manufacturing base then perhaps we could also look at bringing back some much needed shipbuilding to this Island Nation.

While you recuperate in the countryside give it some thought will you Boris.

Will anything change when we get out from under this terrible virus that has been unleashed on many humans, I really do have my doubts…..come on Boris prove me wrong.

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