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Lofting&Design Services

How can we help, with your requirements for all Lofting or Design challenges.

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All inquiries to Ron The Loftsman

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We have the Capacity and Capability to help you in any boat/shipbuilding project. 

Let us help with your outsource work, such as Blocks or parts that traditionally are challenging for large software: Work such as superstructures, funnels, bridge deck, foundations for ship engines and equipment, deck Panels down to the letters of the Ships name and port of registry,


All work is carried out by capable, experienced Loftsmen/Designers or Naval Architects with over 100 new build projects worked on including everything from 21’ 0” (7m) work boats to leading teams on aircraft carrier’s.


You will be supplied with all that is required to make a successful build and if required we can have the services of an experienced time served Loftsman on site.


He alone has worked on close to 40 new builds from 58’ fishing boats to salvage tugs to aircraft carriers we have the experience and knowledge to reduce your cost and bring your project in below budget and on time.


From harbour tugs to bulk carriers we have the capacity through strategic joint ventures to ensure your build is completed on time and completed right, we will reduce your build cost with our combined knowledge of just how 21st century systems and technology is blended with time tested methods of shipbuilding.

All of our preliminary designs and calculations are carried out by our experienced Naval Architect and includes such as


         Final General Arrangement   

         Body Plan : frames, waterlines, longt’ls. Sections.  

         Calculation of scantlings, according to Class Rules, by Lloyd's Register 

         Scantlings drawings.  

         Estimating lightship weights.  

         Hydrostatic.    

         Cross curves of stability.  

         Study of 5 loading conditions and stability.  

         Power prediction    



Below is a small example of the type of full information you will be supplied with and we don’t just go off someplace else once you have our supplied information.


We can be on hand to monitor and expedite the build keeping dimensional control and sorting out the myriad of questions and potential problems encountered when building a ship/boat. We are in a position to take any overcapacity needs in the form of outputs or nested parts, let our experience reduce the burden and free up your work-load.


Our Loftsmen will help you reduce waste saving you time and money along with a better quality of the finished vessel.


You will be supplied with all the following to ensure your successful build and should you require more or less information we will provide that as well, our Loftsmen where all old school trained so we can loft full size just as easy as using 3D Cad, your preference and costs will always be a residing factor and we like to think that you will be pushed to find better quality and service for the price anywhere in the western hemisphere.


Please read on to see an example of the type of information and service we can provide.


Above is shown from a recent study carried out by our J/V partner showing the clearance required for the Anchor and position of the hawse pipe relative to the main winches port and starboard, this type of investigative study can be very quickly carried out and this allows your own team to concentrate on some of the main core activities of the design and lofting requirements for your build.


We can show you a significant saving on time and effort so contact us in the first instant through the website and we shall get back to you with further details of our service.


At a time when more work in shipbuilding is around than we have experienced people to complete, why not come to the experts. Let us take some of the burden from you with all work carried out by experienced Shipbuilders. Some of what we can offer as we take the load from you to allow you to continue with work being done on time and to plan, we continue to show on these pages.

We can take over a lot of the complex repetitive work, to allow your own Draughtsmen/women and designers to get on with keeping to plan.

Wireframe or solid models, output drawings or production DXF's produced. Our software will seamlessly integrate with whatever CAD you are using.



Lines Plans, Scantlings can all be produced at a very competitive price.



Sub Assy drawings produced for output to the shop floor.



Design small or large we can help.



Solid models produced in CAD



Structure layout and design carried out.



Work packages of smaller sub-assemblies provided, for use on the shop floor.



Block and Unit breakdown to enable the best sequence of building and erection of the ship units. All Dimensionally controlled using a datum system.



Full parts list and BOM is supplied to ensure accurate material supply



Describe your image



Profile Sketch and developed lengths supplied.



Welding information for all your shipbuilding requirement is supplied.

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