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Hawthorns & Co. Ltd,

Shipbuilders & Engineers


Hawthorns & Co Shipbuilders & engineers also built many fine vessels, first when they had their shipyard on the banks of the Water of Leith at Coalhill just before the Junction Bridge; they built some very fine vessels at this site, although restricted a bit due to building on the side of a narrow river.


To enable ships to be launched the building ways were angled so that the ships would slip into the water with clearance.

They would be able to move into the ready made shipyard of S&H Morton in 1912 when they gave up the lease and moved further west back to Bo’ness to concentrate on ship repair.

They were part of the shipbuilder’s row at the Victoria Docks from 1912 up to going out of business in 1924. They were the first of the adjacent shipyards to be taken over by Robb; they were also Engineers of well renown.


A picture of a fine shipbuilder’s model made of the steam yacht Venetia built as Ship No 97 launched in 1903


Hawthorns & Co. Ltd would build some 189 ships/vessels between the two sites from around 1873 to 1924

Ships built by Hawthorns & Co. Ltd, Shipbuilders & Engineers

​The full list of ships built at the Hawthorns Shipyards will show here over time, if you have any information on the ships or images and you would wish to add to the history then please send them in to

To be continued-this is a work in progress, so please keep checking back.

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