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Henry Robb Shipyard

They Once Were Shipbuilders

This will be the part of the website dedicated to all the men and women who may have worked in the Henry Robb Shipyard. Look on this part of the site as your own. Please send in any photographs or stories that you may have.

Cranes at the Leith Shipyard of Henry Robb. (Photo from B.Booth Shipwright)
Launch of St. Catherine, Henry Robb, 1983

Launch of St. Catherine, Henry Robb, 1983

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This is a great video of the second last ship launch at Leith, sent into me last year by Charlie the Welder. He was up the crane taking this historical film. Many thanks Charlie.

Lots more to go in here over time, to be continued.

HMS HERALD Ship No 512

Here is a nice photograph of the Trinity House Vessel THV Patricia built as Ship No 530 at the Robb Caledon Shipyard at Leith in 1981. She is still going strong servicing the lights and buoys of the coast of England getting on for 40 years now since her launch. This photograph was sent in by Barry Booth Shipwright who worked on her at Leith.

Nice one Barry keep the photographs and stories coming in and if the picture is not used on the website it may well be used in one of the future books.

The above image reminds me of some of the old rusting wrecks we had to work on, not built at Leith I hasten to add, but shipbuilding could be a very dangerous and dirty job at times.

Leith-Built Ships Gallery

They Once Were Shipbuilders

Most of the Leith Built Ships will go into this page and will show on the galleries which are still in work. Startng with ships built between 1945 and 1984 when the yard closed. This will take time to build up and as ever if you have any photographs of Leith-Built Ships then please send them in to

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