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Leith no more!

Would be the headline if the soulless people from the Boundary Commission get their way, are any of them from Leith? Do any have a connection to Leith?

I happened to be able to take a visit to where the Henry Robb shipyard used to be, just a couple of weeks ago, a dead shopping centre and a tourist attraction to visit an old royal yacht, is on offer at what was once the Victoria Shipyards. There is the new Leith Distillery, where the old steel shed used to be, worth a visit for sure.

What made me think about this was when I took the images of the two ships in the docks it came up on my phone as Newhaven!

Horizon Geodiscovery seen berthed at Leith Docks.

Nothing against Newhaven, but Leith is not Newhaven, it also had the ocean terminal show as ocean terminal, to be expected, it all reminds me reading back when the powers that were at the time resident in London had a go at “Re-Branding” Scotland.

They wanted to call it North Britain, even had a hotel build in Edinburgh next to the train station to be called the north British hotel, a name that stuck for a very long time.

So, if you live in Leith or are a Leither then please have a go at the faceless ones who would try and re-brand Leith as north eastern Edinburgh or whatever daft name they come up with. Look for a petition or survey and make your point.

Ocean Horizon berthed at Leith

I try hard not to involve politics in my Blog about ships and shipbuilding, but they are usually linked and difficult to separate. I noted this a couple of weeks ago, now some of the local politicians are jumping on to it. Better late than never, I guess.

Leith, Leith. Leith

Volume IV

Don’t forget the latest in the “Leith Built Ships” series of books will be hitting the bookshelves very soon.

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2 comentários

john knubley
john knubley
25 de abr.

So much for History

Long live Sunny Leith


Gerry Wright
Gerry Wright
21 de abr.

They built many pre-war and post war Anchor Shipping Co.

Including HMS Puriri, sunk of Whangarie, NZ by a German Mine in 14 May, 1941.

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