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If you or a loved one served or sailed on any of the ships built at Leith, then this is the page to visit.

We now have a very exciting offer on the website for anyone who may have served on or sailed on a ship built at Leith, these excellent ship scrolls are a wonderful way of commemorating someone’s time at sea.


They also make for a wonderful and unique gift for a relative or friend.

All we need from you are some details of the person’s time on the ship with a bit of background to what you would wish to see on the scroll, along with a photograph of the person concerned, we take care of the rest.

So please contact us in the first instance for further information, the scrolls are produced on top class print paper and in colour.


For now we are only selling the prints un-framed but they are A3 size which fits most common frames that you can buy almost anywhere.


The scroll is posted out to you in a solid rolled case so as not to damage the scroll.

Postage is worked out separate but all orders go first class.


The scrolls are all priced the same at £19.99 plus postage each.


Please note that we are concentrating on ships built at Leith for now, Military and commercial vessels included, but should you have a request for someone who sailed or served on one of the numerous vessels built in the U.K. over the past 100 years then we can also produce a scroll for this at a price of £24.99 plus postage each.


So please don’t delay as these unique gifts are exclusive to the loftsman website, get in touch with us at


Example ship scrolls are shown below.


We cannot think of a better or more fitting way to remember or pay homage to the men and women who go down to the sea in ships.

Padstow Bay-large.jpg
HMS PADSTOW BAY Ship No 350 from the Leith Shipyard of Henry Robb seen here in 1946. The shipyards launched some 50 ships during WWII
Along with a great many fine commercial ships such at SS ROLLO ship No 438 launched in 1954

So if you are looking for a really nice quality memento from the large amount of ships built at Leith or elsewhere in the U.K. do not hesitate to contact us at


Many thanks for your interest.

For the Shipbuilders

We are very pleased to be able to also offer ship scrolls for any ex-shipbuilders out there. You may even still be active in shipbuilding or you may have a relative or someone you know who is a shipbuilder.

Lloydsman Ship No 509.jpg

All we need from you are some details about the person to be featured in the ship scroll.

Who they are/were, and what trade or position held, what shipyard and what ships they may have worked on, perhaps a favourite story you would like to see in the scroll.


Along with their favourite ship which will also feature on the scroll.


The scrolls are priced as above at £19.99 plus post + package for someone who worked in a Leith shipyard.


For someone who may have worked in other shipyards then the scroll is priced at £24.99 plus post + package.


The do make for a unique and lasting memento for someone who has worked in a great industry.

Contact for your requests.

We have access to a huge range of ships photo’s built up over many years, so we are pretty sure that we can find the vessel that you or a relative may have sailed or served on.


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