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Training Manuals

As someone who went through an old-style traditional apprenticeship it still amazes me that today in industry we talk but don’t walk, when speaking of training.

The skills gap in most industries is there for all to see and worse experience, I say worse as it always cost’s money, be it the poorly trained plumber that comes to fix your appliance to the poorly trained trades-people of today.


To this end I have always believed that knowledge should be passed on, I consider that I was trained by some of the best in the industry which just happened to be shipbuilding.


With a natural interest and desire to pass on the skills that were so kindly passed to me, I started to produce training manuals for a company in England, who I am tempted to say are still using some of my stuff, you may note the logo on the front of some of the manuals. (I have to stress that I no longer endorse any of this material although I sure as hell wrote it all, and more.)


I have no problem with passing on information, all I would ask is that you don’t pretend to have produced it yourself. (You know who you are)

As with all information, when you produce it someone will always try and use it for no cost, but it does cost in time and money, so please just ask first.


All the above course manual covers are shown for example only, all have been produced previously but the author does not endorse or recommend any of the companies still selling courses originally produced by The Loftsman.

I am available for any interested parties to produce training material or to run and organise courses just contact me on the contact page. I have a lifetime of training experience from guiding apprentices to college lectures, in theory and in the practical, after all I have done this for a living and not just from a book.

All of our courses are written and presented by well-seasoned professionals with experience both onshore and sea going.

Written by people who have spent many years in the maritime industry for easy consumption they are also written and presented in a practical way so as to be of maximum use to the student.


All courses can be tailored to suit individuals or company requirements, while working along with our Joint Venture maritime training partner we have presented courses on site in countries as diverse as Nigeria and Bulgaria and Pakistan.


Our up-to-date courses include all the latest IMO data as well as current regulations.


Written by professionals with a view to what the present-day student requires in the way of progressing their own knowledge in a broad field.


We have short courses alongside our regular longer-term courses. All courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. We are sure that you will find our prices very competitive.

A small selection of our courses offered, are shown below.


Shipbuilding (short courses aimed at the practical)

Shipbuilding (Long course)


Passenger ship security


IMO and its role in today's maritime world


How to build your own boat or yacht

 (All material types of build covered, both long & short courses)

Lofting (On-site ashore)

Half-Hull model making (On-site ashore)


Marina & Boatyard operations

Port Control (The role of)

LNG in the maritime world


Project management for Ship-repair (Short course)

Marine Surveying (Short and longer term courses available)


Health & Safety (Ashore & Sea-Going)

Dry docking a ship

Un-docking a ship


Commercial boatyard operations

Small craft surveying

Ship superintendent

The above is only a small selection of the courses available.

The Loftsman at work, some time ago I am the one with the white hat


Sorry but we do not do this, Lofting or Design yes we do that.


All forms of writing or report writing can be undertaken at competitive prices, please contact us with your request


We have the capability to take on Engineering/shipbuildingdesign work.


Consulting/design work or training at competitive prices, contact us with your request. Commissions for research undertaken.

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