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Portsmouth Ships

Updated: May 15, 2023

As Portsmouth is a major working port and not just a huge navy base, many different types of ship can be seen in any one day, some of them I took photographs of and include them here on my Blog.

This first ship should need no introduction she is the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, a ship that I worked on and it is always good to see the results of work done at one time or another. Her portside Sponson can be seen in it's entirety, some of her Sponson during the build would present Rosyth with challenges but all was completed in the end.

HMS Diamond was in port at the same time, although I had no input with this ship, she was in port along with some other ships of the Royal Navy.

Belgian Frigate F931 at Portsmouth

MV Cumbrian Fisher underway at Portsmouth

Brittany Ferries Mont St Michel at Portsmouth

One of the Saint class ferries St Faith. Henry Robb Shipbuilders built two of the Saint Class ships which turned out to be the last two ships built at Leith. happy to say they are now both in service in the sunny Mediterranean. St Catherine (Ship No 534) and last but not least St Helen (Ship No 535) You will be able to read all about these two fine ferries in the soon to be published Volume IV in the Leith Built Ships series of books.

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2 comentários

Barry Booth
Barry Booth
01 de mai. de 2023

Hey Ron, I worked on Hms Pow and Defender type 45 on my 2 visits to Pompey, I also noticed that the Wightlink ferries where the same as the 2 we built Robbs.

Cheers 🍻

Respondendo a

Hi Barry,

The St Class ferries are sister ships of the 2 we build at Robbs, with the St Helen & St Katherine now working in the sunshine on the island of Sardinia, the Wrightlink ferries down at Pompey are still going strong. Cheers.

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