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Changing face of Leith

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

At a time of change and reflection for some in this country, I thought I would cast my mind back to the late 1960's early 1970's. The scene at the fitting out basin of the Victoria Shipyard was nothing like it is today just 50 years later.

This picture shows the ice strengthened survey vessel RRS Bransfield Ship No 508, with the mighty salvage tug Lloydsman Ship No 509, tethered to her as the ships were going through fitting out.

The ship on the building berth to the left was Ship No 510 Caribbean Progress. the large building to the right of the picture is the Chancelot Mill now flattened as so much more of the area has been, I leave it to the reader and visitor to decide if the change is for the better or worse.

A hive of industry and full employment in the yard for a couple of years at least. Now we have the Royal Yacht Brittania berthed as one of the top tourist attractions in the whole of the U.K. along with a new whisky distillery opening up.

If we go back a further 100 years or so, we see that change happens all the time, the ships we can see in the Edinburgh Dock at Leith, are both sail and steam.

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