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You will find this website to be an amalgamation of my old Leith Shipyards website and the brand new website featuring my writing projects.


This website also features a new idea to produce Ship Scrolls for anyone who may have sailed or served on a ship built at Leith.

The new website will also feature a Shipyard Shop for all kind of mementos and memorabilia on ships and the sea. The Shop will be opening soon so keep checking back to see what’s happening with the shipyard shop on theloftsman website.


The website will also feature the many training opportunities that we can now offer through The Loftsman and our trusted training partners.

Be sure to visit the ships Photo pages, here you will find an ongoing library of both old and new ships photographs.


So take your time and have a good look around, if you are interested in ships and the sea, then you are in the right place. Remember this is also your website.

Leith-built Ships Vol 1 Cover.JPG

Leith-Built Ships

Vol. I, They Once Were Shipbuilders


  • The first in a series about the almost - forgotten part played by Leith in our truly great maritime heritage.

  • A history of the ships built at Leith from c. 1850 until the end of World War I.

  • Features the shipyards that eventually became the Henry Robb Shipyard including S & H Morton, Ramage & Ferguson, Cran & Somerville and Hawthorns & Co.

  • Includes famous ships with tales of adventure and new trade routes written by a proud shipbuilder, still active in shipbuilding and well qualified to tell the story.

The Mountbatten Award for Best Book



This website will be about ships and the sea, featuring some of my own books and a short history of the shipyard I started out my working life in.

We shall also feature a new idea which should interest anyone who had someone, perhaps a relative who sailed or served on any of the ships built at Leith. In time this will expand to include anyone who sailed or served on a U.K. built vessel.

With a wealth of maritime experience behind us we can also undertake commissions for research or the design and Lofting of vessels both old or new.

So please take your time to look around as there will be a lot of information to be found in regards to all things about ships and the Sea.

If you have any stories or photographs of the Leith Shipyards, then please send them into ron@theloftsman.com

Comments are most welcome as well.

The wait is over. The first in the series on the Ships Built at Leith is now out and can be found at most good bookshops or from Whittles Publishing

Also from Amazon.co.uk

The wait is over. The Second in the series on the Ships Built at Leith is now out. Leith Shipyards (1918 to 1939) can be found at most good bookshops or from Whittles Publishing.

Leith-built Ships Vol 2 cover.jpg
We are Sailing.jpg

Sometimes writing a book can seem like the mariner above, swamped at times but always rising back up to continue.


I'm 2/3rds of the way through my exciting maritime adventure trilogy, so please keep checking back to see progress. I shall also keep updating my progress with my writing through the Blog on this website. Very pleased to be able to tell you that the first of my novels Fight or Flight has now been released on Amazon kindle.

Fight or Flight_Book_COVER.jpg

Happy to say that you can now purchase my novel as a paperback on Amazon.

Happy to say that you can now purchase my novel as a Kindle if you prefer on Amazon.

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