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The Shipwrights

As we continue to build this website never forgetting that it is a testament to the men/women who built and sailed or served on a ship built at Leith.

So we begin to bring back some of the features from the old original website, this all takes time but it will be done.

We have already began a fair bit on the recovery of the Mould Loft pages, as they were at the top of the shipwright branch it is only right that this was started first on my website as I served my time as a Loftsman.

We also had many pages on the Shipwrights, this will now start up once more and the pages belong to the people who worked at the shipyards at , be that Henry Robb shipyard or at the Robb Caledon before it reverted back to the original name in the early 1980’s.

A busy Leith shipyard not long after the Second World War, the yard would continue to change over time, you can follow/read about some of these changes in the new book series Leith-Built Ships Vol. I, II, III & IV

With Volume I now available in most good book stores worldwide.

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