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Steam Yachts Built at Leith-The new book

Well it has been pretty much full on with writing and researching for my upcoming book on all the magnificent steam yachts that were built at Leith from 1880 to 1914 along with 4 large luxury motor yachts built after World War One.

Pleased to say that this is working out pretty well, with a couple of chapters still to conclude, I can then begin to look at the development edits for the book.

Keep checking back on the website to see how progress is going.

Magnificent steam yachts such as Gunilda Yard No 149 were the peak of shipbuilding in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a peak in craftsmanship that has now been consigned to history such is the lack of required skills today. She was launched from the shipyard of Ramage & Ferguson in April 1897.

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