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As this website is operated by a shipbuilder then it is only right that we feature as much about shipbuilding as possible. While the industry is nothing like it was in the British Isles of not so long ago, the industry still goes strong around the World.

Some great old photographs will invoke memories of a time now past, never to be seen again.

Not just from shipbuilding at Leith, we shall over time feature all the great shipbuilding centres in Britain and later from around the world. From a colossus industry that built colossal vessels along with smaller vessels every ship had a crew and every ship had a story, along with the men and women serving or sailing on that ship.

We can only build this part of the site with your help, so if you have any old or new photographs then we would wish to see them and include them in our library of shipbuilding photographs.

This was/is an industry that touched almost every family certainly in the U.K. before we managed to allow our Island nation to give up on an industry that supplied us with some 85% of all the goods that we required.

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