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New, Isle of Man Ferry, Scotland still waits.

Manxman approaches the Isle of Man

Just been sent an interesting photo from The Isle of Man steam packet who have now taken care of a brand-new ferry for the Island, built in South Korea named Manxman, pretty much on time and within budget.

Build at Hyunadi Mipo Dockyard as Vessel Number 8311. Steel cutting began around August 2021 and delivered into Douglas Isle of Man 1st July.

Manxman arrives at Douglas Port, Isle of Man.

Scotland still waits on the first of 2 ferries being built at Fergusons on the lower Clyde, the ships are only around 5 years late and only some 220 million pounds over budget, all from a river that the world used to look to for its ships.

I leave you to make your own mind over such a situation.

Although they have now gone to Turkey for 4 new ferries to be built for the Scottish Islands who rely on such ships. Pleased to be able to say that these 4 ships seam to be on time and within the contract price.

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