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Why dont we!

Use the waterways and waterfront that we have right here in Scotland and in particular in and around Leith, Edinburgh etc.

Any other country in the developed world would be so pleased to have such a rich source of potential commerce and business/pleasure right on their doorstep so to speak.

Now here is a nice picture of the shore at Leith, towards the bottom of the Water of Leith, as I say nice picture, lots of nice eating places now with some bars and upmarket restaurants but in my humble opinion it is now boring. We all gravitate to the water at some time, but if there is nothing happening on the water it soon becomes pretty boring, and we all cannot afford to eat in the upmarket restaurants all of the time.

A similar image but more than a hundred years apart, when the shore was also used for ships bringing in goods and exporting our home made goods to the Continent and further.

(We may need to also start to manufacture stuff once more, but that is another story)

The water is there to be used, not to be left to silt up, stagnate even if the surrounds are pretty as a picture, they have a use, if this was a waterway in Holland, Germany, France or Switzerland the scene would be one of movement and people.

Now we have an interesting picture, we have ships, people and boats using the Water of Leith, before the Leith Dock Commission then Forth Ports got there hands on Leith's history and heritage.

The water and its future use should all just be part of a service to the citizens (service now what is that I hear you shout, it is what we should expect and indeed what we used to have before all the suits got involved with the snake oil sales-talk to reduce service and make us all pay for something inferior that took its place.

This could and should be a really interesting waterfront right from Portobello to Newhaven, instead the ones that could change things (Covid-excepted for now) just play lip service and continue to kick the can down the road. I have never known a place to have so much vested interests that brings with it a paralysis meaning nothing ever gets done. This could be a potential gold mine at a time when the country needs a future to kick on and change, bringing much needed employment to our younger generation.

If you agree then please get onto your local council or M.P. and ask them to get the finger out.

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