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Whatever happened to Scot II

The old ice breaking tug that was built at Henry Robb Shipyard in 1931 as Ship No 184.

There have been attempts to restore her to her former glory I myself was involved at one time, so this is a call to our readers to do some detective work to find out just what happened the her, is she still moored up at Fort Augustus on the Caledonian Canal?

A fair bit of money was raised to help with restoring this historically important vessel, she is the oldest ice breaking tug on the Historic Ships register (U.K.)

Or has she just been left to rust away, or worse has she been scrapped, it would be good to know either way just what has happened to this classic old ship, should you know then please contact us through the website.

Here is a photograph that I took of her some time ago, she will only have deteriorated further of that I am sure.

As she was in her prime ready to take cruises into Loch Ness.

What has happened to this classic old ship, can you tell us! if so perhaps and it is a big if, she is still a hulk then she could be saved, so contact us in the first instance. Thanks for your help, we need to save this old vessel if she is still around.

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