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VJ-Day Ending of WW2

75 years ago the end of the Second World War was officially signed off, a Leith built ship was there.

HMS DERG was a River Class Frigate, one of six in number built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Ltd. She was built and launched at Leith in January 1943.

She was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 10th June 1943 and within a couple of months, she was on convoy duty to South Africa.

In September 1945 HMS DERG was part of the large armada of naval ships assembled at Tokyo Bay, which in turn was part of the largest armada ever assembled, in readiness for the invasion of mainland Japan.

On 15th August 1945, the official surrender of Japan was held onboard the American battleship USS MISSOURI

HMS DERG Ship No 330 sea trials in the Firth of Forth

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