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The Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd

Scotland’s Shipyards -

As we move on around the Forth in terms of shipyards, we come to Bo’ness where S & H Morton had a yard (Once more covered in my book, Leith-Built Ships Vol. I)

So the next main shipyard was located at Grangemouth.

Funny enough it was just as I started thinking about the great history of all the lost shipyards that I got to thinking about the Grangemouth yard. We had at least one of the apprentices from this yard at Leith, going through the training centre. The company was established in Grangemouth by William Miller and Samuel Jackson in 1885. With the first ship built and named as SS Vaitarna. (See picture below)

A long shipbuilding history including many ships built during World War Two.

They became part of Swan Hunter in 1967, operating until shipbuilding finished there in 1972, they continued for a while concentrating on ship repair.

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