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Scotland’s Shipyards

As we continue around the coast of Scotland, to feature our once great shipbuilding industry, we move on up the east coast from Berwick into the Firth of Forth arriving at the Port of Leith.

Shipbuilding at Leith is pretty well recorded if I say so myself, both on this website and in my book Leith-Built Ships Vol. I, They Once Were Shipbuilders.

With names, such as S&H Morton, Ramage & Ferguson, Cran & Somerville and Hawthorns & Co, then onto the Henry Robb shipyard.

Aside from the main shipyards a great many smaller boat-builders were in and around Leith building for centuries.

They included small yards at both Newhaven and at Granton just along from Leith.

Crown of India seen at Belfast date unknown

She was built at the Ramage & Ferguson yard and launched at Leith in 1885.

The last shipyard (of any reasonable size) closed in 1984 when the gates closed on the Henry Robb Shipyard, bringing an end to shipbuilding in the port after more than 660 years.

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