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Sailing Ships-Leith Built

With such a rich maritime history it can still be a challenge to get information about the ships built at Leith. The further back we go the more sparse the info becomes, just today I received an email from someone inquiring about a ship that took his relatives out to Australia in the early 1830's.

I was happy to reply that we are in fact also working on a book to feature primarily the sailing ships built from 1850 on, but also with a look back, through history to some of the more well known older sailing ships built at Leith. you the reader can also participate in this project if you have information or photographs of the older ships built at Leith from 1700 onwards. Then please don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact page on this website.

The steel barque Procyon was built by Ramage & Ferguson in 1892. along with her 2 sister ships she was the largest three-masted barque ever built.

Image is from the State Library of Queensland.

When you think about all the Scots who moved away from choice or otherwise over the years before the days of the jet engine, the mind boggles at how many people left these shores, many would have left on the ships built at Leith. So with any luck the new sailing Ship book will also be able to touch on the many people who sailed or were transported on the ships from Leith.

The book is very much a work in progress, with updates as I go along being shown here on this Blog.

I hope to upload a draft cover of the book soon. - Did not take too long.

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