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On Amazons best-seller list-Bustler Class Rescue Tugs

Hi all, just as I was browsing around to see how my books were doing, what with it getting close to Xmas, I was a wee bit taken aback to see the stats for the Bustler Class book on Amazon.

On an, Amazon best sellers list no less, amazing for me to see this as it just reinforces my belief that we can do great things when we really have a go at it.

Now it has me wondering if the book can go even higher in a list that contains literally millions of books, of every type imaginable, yet mine has made it through to be number 16 on this list.

Remember that Xmas is not far away where does the time go.

I would like to wish every one who has showed an interest in my books or who has purchased one of the books, a huge thank you goes out from me.

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