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Leith-Built Ships, Vol-III

Very pleased to be able to announce the 3rd book in the series on the ships built at Leith, Scotland.

For anyone unaware Leith is the port for the Capital City of Scotland, Edinburgh. Just like one of their buses you can wait for a while, then two come along together. This Volume-III covers the time from the end of World War Two, into the middle of the 1960’s and the shipyard was a busy place with many fleets having to restock their depleted fleets that had been destroyed with great loss of life during the war.

Ellerman/Wilson Line along with many more ships for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, were big customers of the Leith yard, at a time of great change in the shipyards as they transitioned their construction methods to reduce riveting while the use of electric welding increased dramatically. This also had many social and demarcation aspects for the men working in shipbuilding, this book pays homage to both the ships built at the time and to the men who built them.

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USSCo MV Karamu was built here, great little ship to sail on.

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