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Leith-Built Ships, Vol. II, Leith Shipyards 1918 to 1939

I am pleased to let you know that included with the new Volume II, which forms part of my series of books on the history of the ships built at the Leith Shipyards.

You will find included many scale drawings which will be very useful for small ship modellers. The drawings can just be scaled up to reproduce a pretty close shape and size of the said ships, all from the period 1918 to 1935. Along with many of the stories surrounding these fine ships built at Leith.

While there is no Body Plan I am sure that the capable modellers out there will find these scale General Arrangement drawings very useful.

The above was a coaster built by Henry Robb Shipyards as Ship No 240 in 1937; she survived World War Two, being one of the many coasters used to supply cased petrol to the allies in both the North African landings and on the D-Day beaches.

She would end her days being sunk in the Suez Canal in 1979. Lochee was a tribute to her builders.

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