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Bustler Class Tug Model

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

We are now pleased to be able to feature the initial runs of a revamped Bustler Class model tug. We will also follow the story of how this model was found and refurbished with much care and time to now she is almost complete. To recognise and celebrate a class of tug built at Leith during WW2. Dave who sent me the video and the following images, has worked hard to bring this iconic model back to looking something like her best. She is a 1:48 scale model found in a barn, with a good level of detail, complete in her World War Two configuration.

When she was first found in a barn just rusting away as she is made of metal shown below-

After many months and painstaking care to refurbish this important model, she is now looking very good, as shown below-

The model is not finished yet but still going through trials with some work still to be done by her new owner Dave Steggles. we show some more images now from her 2nd trial run.

The above images are from the 3rd trial run and this model of the famous Tug's looks the part as she moves through the water.

Look out for news on the Bustler Class Rescue Tugs book, along with the release of Volume III of Leith-Built Ships, both to be published very soon, further details will follow, so keep checking back.

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