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Viking Ships

Sunnmore Museum, Norway

A large part of my recent short visit to the wonderful Norwegian Fiords, consisted of lots of ships and sea, aside from the cruise on the P&O M.V. Iona (more about that later) this busman’s holiday was topped off for me by a visit to the boathall at the Sunnmore Museum.

To spend some time admiring the old Viking craft and then to be shown around by Eldar.

Who was also kind enough to send me some photographs of the work going on at the museum. (if interested and you are lucky enough to get the chance to visit, this I would highly recommend, they don’t just have boats but many old dwelling homes from the time of the Vikings.

Borgundknarren is the ship in the background (Image sent to me by Eldar)

There have been boats around Sunnmore for some 12,000 years so lots of maritime history around, we were introduced to the Viking Ship BORGUNDKNARREN.

This is a replica of a sailing vessel built in Western Norway sometime in the 10th century.

The knar or hafship was used for long distance trade by the Vikings, during the early middle ages. She was the principal vessel type for exploration. It is a heavy and capacious boat, with high freeboard and shelter which was very necessary for deep sea sailing.

We can see the ship has been heavily tarred and varnished almost ready to go to sea once more, this is not just a replica ship for the museum, she goes out on the water as well.

It was in ships such as this replica that Leiv Eriksson used in his voyage to America, long before Columbus.

Borgundknarren takes her name from the old trading centre of Borgund, now a part of the Sunnmore museums outdoor area.

Length – 15.9m

Width – 4.8m

Sail area approx. – 90m2

Dated circa 1025

3 more great images sent to me by Eldar.

A wonderful scene at the dockside from norway

Viking rowing boat sometimes known as a church boat as they would be used just as it says, for visiting church on the water, looking ready for a long distance row.

Vikings on the move, better watch out.

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