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Leith Built Ships, Volume-IV (Robb Caledon) 1965 to 1984

Leith Built Ships, Vol-IV

Very pleased to be able to tell you all, that Leith Built Ships, Volume-IV (Robb Caledon) 1965 to 1984

Is now in production and we have a brand-new cover for the book.

This is an awesome image of the huge ocean-going salvage tug Wolraad Woltemade seen in dry dock in Singapore, as she was having some work done. Her bulbous bow clearly seen and pleased to say that I produced the templates for the stem bar. This was in the days when the Platers and Shipwrights under the direction of the Loft made stuff like this look easy.

Ship No 516 was launched at Leith in April 1976 she was the largest and most powerful salvage tug of her day. This great image is one of many sent to me by Kit Cooper, 2nd Engineer on her at the time.

This is a real exclusive as you are amongst the first to see the new cover for Volume, IV

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