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coronavirus (COVID-19)

As many of us struggle with this threat to life we at the Loftsman website have decided to do our little bit to help.

Starting today we shall endeavour to create a huge ships photo library as we are aware that a great many people out there find this very interesting. You may have someone who sailed or worked on one of the many vessels, you may even find this part of the website of interest should you be researching a family tree.

The library will take time to build up but it is intended that we should have as many pictures of vessels on this part of the site that we can manage to upload. They are doing no good being hoarded or hidden away when many could enjoy seeing them at this very difficult time for us all.

So as you browse through the galleries please stay home and keep safe.

Many types of ship will be added with some categories in a general way while some are put on the gallery in no particular order and under no particular heading.

You will just have to look through the many galleries to find what you are looking for. Over time we hope to be able to add details such as builder and size etc, but again this will take time, so keep checking back. If you think you could help by adding your own photographs to the site them please contact

The library of old and new ship photos is now up and running and you can find the photographs at the following page

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